With your snow boots, where should you go skiing?


The lesser-known winter sport of snowshoeing is something that many people overlook. Although snowshoeing may not be as well-known, it is still a great way to have fun in the snow.
It is easy to snowshoe in many different places. It takes only your equipment and a track to get through, and then it is almost the same as normal hiking.

Also, snowshoeing rentals cost less than other ski rentals. You won’t have any problems with crowds or waiting for the lift. But finding the best trails is only half of the adventure. Here are some places we have found to be the best for snowshoeing.

Banff National Park – Canada

Banff National Park lies right on Canada’s Rocky Mountains. This is a great spot for snowboarders, snowshoers and skiers. Snowshoers enjoy some of the best views from these majestic mountains.

There are many resorts you can choose to stay at when visiting the park like Sunshine Village, Mount Norquay and Lake Louise. The Lake Louise Lakeshore Trail is an excellent trail for anyone looking to do a one-day hike. For a more complete experience, consider a guided tour.

Apostle Islands National lakeshore – Wisconsin

This stunning, but lesser-known snowshoeing spot, is known best for its beautiful sea caves. In summer, kayakers are often the ones making a trip through these spots. Winter is the best time to visit these caves. The icicles, which hang in a multitude throughout the cave, create a magical environment to walk through.

The Lakeshore Trail runs around Meyers Beach to reach these ice caves. Be sure to keep a trail map handy and be prepared for cold weather. This trail has been a challenge for beginner snowshoers.

Utah: Bryce Canyon National Park

The Utah National Park is a great place to start snowshoeing. You can learn how to snowshoe in this park. Although not as extreme as hiking in cold mountains, it still offers beautiful scenery.

Snowshoers can take a walk along the canyon’s edge, looking out at the light red rock formations of the park and the huge hoodoos. Guided tours can be taken at night, from November to March. This gives the canyon an even more spectacular feel.

Canada: Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is the first place we pass as we head up into the snowy tundra of northern Ontario. You are invited to take a look at their trails, which include maintained trails in the backcountry.

Algonquin Provincial Park is Canada’s oldest and most popular camping spot. It is also a great place for winter campers. It is a great place to camp if you are looking for a place to call home, and the backcountry is also available for those seeking more rustic camping options.

Regulars of this park rave about the Old Railway Bike Trail which runs through the Mew Lake Campground. This hike is easy but offers stunning scenery, especially with a thin layer winter snow.

Lake Tahoe – California

Northern California is another excellent place to snowshoe. The best trails in the country surround Lake Tahoe. Stargazing is a common activity on snowshoe trails. These excursions can provide some of the most memorable winter sights.

Bijou Park, located in South Lake Tahoe, is one of the best locations. The park is situated at lake level so snow accumulation may take some time. But, if it does, there are beautiful views and a relaxing hike along the trail.

You’ll find many other attractions nearby, in addition to the trails. Lake Tahoe is home of great food and entertainment, and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world gather here to take in the off-season winter months.

Gros Morne National Park Canada

We will now head back east to finish this list, and Gros Morne National Park will be found in Newfoundland.

Newfoundland’s main purpose is to fish in summer. But, in winter, snowshoers flock from all walks of life to Southeast Brook Falls or the six mile trail around Stuckless Pond.

The trails along the coasts are not recommended. You won’t find them maintained during winter so this excursion will give you that true wilderness feeling.




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